Electrical/Electronics Engineering


The establishment of this department is to train graduates who will be electrical and electronics technicians to function effectively in the following industries: manufacturing, assembling, service, power generation, transmission, distribution, utilization, telecommunication and other related industries.


The objectives of this programme are to produce:

  1. Graduates that can construct simple electrical and electronics circuits when necessary for use in modification or as a part of a system and that can assemble, install and test-run simple electrical and electronics equipment.
  2. Graduates that can carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance on simple electronic/electrical installation, equipment and appliances and that can select and use appropriate instruments to carry out simple tests and measurements on all types of electrical and electronic installation and equipment under various operating conditions.
  3. Technicians that can operate relevant equipment and installations whenever required and prepare simple bills of quantities and specifications related to the field of electrical/electronic engineering.
  4. Graduates that would coordinate and supervise craftsmen in activities related to electrical/electronic engineering services.


Candidates graduating from this department shall have passed all the required courses and the duration for the programme shall be 4 semesters of 17 weeks each. Candidates must register and pass a minimum of 15 credit units per semester and maximum of between 18-20 credit units.