Computer Science


The department of Computer Science was established to produce computer scientists capable of applying the use of computer in areas of data analysis and who can solve software and application problems, prescribe and develop computer programmes to solve a peculiar problem.


The objectives of this programme are to produce:

  1. Technicians who can use various programmes like: Visual BASIC, OO FORTRAN, OO COBAL and JAVA
  2. Graduates who know the operation of computer systems and can use computer packages in all aspects of human endeavours
  3. Technicians that can maintain computer software and write/develop software and programmes


Candidates graduating from this department should have met all the requirements and passed all prescribed courses. The duration for the programme is at least 4 semesters of 17 weeks each. Candidates must have registered and taken a minimum of 15 credit units per semester and a maximum of between 18-20 credit units.