Welcome to Best Solution Polytechnic Bursary Department. The department is responsible for the management of the Polytechnic’s financial activities and is headed by the Bursar.

With the aim of helping the Polytechnic achieve its goals and objectives, the department performs strategic advisory role to the Council and Management of the Polytechnic. Other functions of the department include but are not limited to:

    • Developing and implementing manual and computerized accounting and financial management system and procedure as well as control system.
    • Timely preparation and presentation of an IFRS compliance periodic financial statement and other routine reports of the Polytechnic.
    • Safeguarding and keeping proper records of all assets of the Polytechnic.
    • Ensuring effective execution of the annual audit of the Polytechnic’s financial record.
    • Monitoring and ensuring the efficient and effective management of Property Plant and Equipment (PPE), Working Capital, Receivables and Payables of the Polytechnic.
    • Monitoring funds received from donors and other agencies to ensure they are judiciously utilized for specified purposes.
    • Annual capital and recurrent budget preparation budget monitoring and control activities.
    • Supervising the activities of business venture established by the Polytechnic.
    • Maintaining and managing the Polytechnic’s investment portfolio.

In order to achieve the above functions effectively, the bursary department of Best Solution Polytechnic is structured into the following units:

    • Final Account and Reports Unit.
    • Budget and Budgetary Control Unit
    • Payroll/Salary Unit.
    • Student Accounts Unit
    • Procurement Unit
    • Stores Unit
    • Treasury/Finance Unit.

Once again, I welcome you to the Bursary of our award winning Polytechnic.

Ojiaku Esther