Business Administration & Management


The department was established to produce competent graduates with vast practical and theoretical knowledge to be able to carry out a number of activities in the business sector who will be able to create and effectively manage business ventures that are concise and productive, use business application software associated with their discipline to solve problems in business organizations and government institutions, create clear, concise, well organized written business documents such as memos, report and executive summaries that can be used in an effective manner by business organizations.


The objectives of this programme are to:

  1. Develop students' abilities to understand business concepts terms and theories and be able to apply it to solve management problems
  2. Train students that would be able to carry out effective purchasing task and sales advertising, undertake proper storage and preservation of materials and goods and also keep records of financial and other transactions in any organization.
  3. Train and develop students on how to interpret basic statistical data, carry out evaluation of investment assets for investment purpose and assist in the analysis of investment proposals and also assist in the preparation and analyzing of short and long term budget plans in all sectors.
  4. Input into students the ability to conduct simple structured survey on any aspect of business and make necessary recommendations to the authority, conduct product planning survey for manufacturing organizations and carry out inspection and auditing of books and records, and be proficient in analysis, decision making and management.


Candidates graduating from this department shall have passed all the required courses and the duration for the programme shall be 4 semesters of 17 weeks each. Candidates must register and pass a minimum of 15 credit units per semester and maximum of between 18-20 credit units.