Our philosophy is to produce graduates with middle level manpower who can effectively perform a range of functions in the accounting field of Accountancy and who understand the principles of Financial Accounting and their application and implication in business.


The objectives of the programme include:

  1. To produce graduates who can demonstrate a basic knowledge of financial operations in different types of business
  2. To train graduates that can assist in the collection, recording, processing and integration of basic data for investment decision, prepare financial accounts of business and assist in the preparation of short and long term budget plans
  3. To produce graduates that will be able to interpret/analyze some basic financial statistics and carry out auditing and record keeping, and produce balance sheets


Candidates graduating from this department shall have passed all the required courses and the duration for the programme shall be 4 semesters of 17 weeks each. Candidates must register and pass a minimum of 15 credit units per semester and maximum of between 18-20 credit units.